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Canadian Recommended Plan – Crossing X10(B) – Canadian Plaza B1 – The Windsor-Essex Parkway

This plan represents the Recommended Plan that is documented in the Environmental Assessment Report (December 2008) updated with the March 2009 refinement of the Recommended Plan.

U.S. Selected Alternative - January 2009

The Windsor Essex Parkway Interactive Map - conceptual renderings and animations of the Canadian access road

Technically and Environmentally Preferred Alternative U.S. Plaza - Crossing X10(B) - Canadian Plaza B1 - Windsor Essex Parkway

The Windsor-Essex Parkway May 2008

Canadian Parkway Plates - August 2007

Canadian Conceptual Alternatives - Spring 2006

Area of Continued Analysis - November 2005

Canadian Illustrative Alternatives – June 2005

U.S. Revised Crossing System Footprint
Preliminary Analysis Summary - Canadian Plaza/Crossing Combinations
Map of Bore Hole Locations

U.S. Practical Alternatives – December 2006

Crossing X-10 Alternatives

Crossing X-11 Alternatives

Crossing Alternatives

Canadian Refined Illustrative Alternative Drawings – August 2006
Refinements have been incorporated into the Practical Access Route Alternatives since Public Information Open House #3 held in March 2006.  The refinements are based on comments received from members of the public as well as from stakeholders, such as the Municipalities.  Key objectives of the refinements include reducing overall impacts and providing additional access to and from the freeway and across the freeway.

Please click here to view the refined Illustrative Alternative Drawings.

U.S. Plaza Maps

U.S. Illustrative Alternatives - June 2005

Belle Isle Area Alternatives.pdf
BelleIsleArea - Illustrative Alternatives.pdf
Central Area Alternatives.pdf
CentralArea - Illustrative Alternatives - Part 1.pdf
CentralArea - Illustrative Alternatives - Part 2.pdf
Downriver Area Alternatives.pdf
DownriverArea - Illustrative Alternatives - Part 1.pdf
DownriverArea - Illustrative Alternatives - Part 2.pdf
DownriverArea - Illustrative Alternatives - Part 3.pdf
DownriverArea - Illustrative Alternatives - Part 4.pdf
Interstate Area Alternatives.pdf
Primary Illustrative Alternatives.pdf

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