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As reports and papers are completed for this project, the documents will be available for viewing.

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January 2004 - Planning/Need and Feasibility Study Report (PDF 15.5MB)

Posted January 29, 2004 - To improve clarity, the following pages have been
updated from the version posted January 12/04:
*Page 61, Exhibit 6.1: Proposed Analysis Area
*Page 98, Section 8.5: Assess the Feasibility of Alternative Opportunity
*Page 111, Section 9.1: Assessment Factors and Measures

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Executive Summary - Strategic & Geographic Overview Working Paper (PDF)

  • The Canadian, U.S., Ontario and Michigan governments 1 are conducting a Planning Needs and Feasibility Study to provide a long-term strategy that will ensure the safe and efficient movement of people, goods and services between Southeast Michigan and Southwest Ontario. (more information)
Report Icon January 2004 - Strategic and Geographic Area Overview Working Paper (PDF - 12.0MB)
Report Icon January 2004 - Travel Demand Analysis Process Working Paper (PDF 10.8MB)
Report Icon January 2004 - Existing & Future Travel Demand Working Paper (PDF 11.3MB)
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January 2004 - Transportation Problems & Opportunities Report (PDF 4.7MB)

Report Icon January 2004 - Feasible Transportation Alternatives Working Paper (PDF 5.6MB)
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January 2004 - Economic Impact Final Report (PDF 700kb)

Report Icon January 2004 - Environmental Overview Report (PDF 6.5MB)

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