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March 5, 2004

The Canada-U.S.-Ontario-Michigan Border Transportation Partnership has produced a final Planning/Need and Feasibility (P/NF) Study Report, identifying a long-term strategy to meet the needs of the transportation network serving the border between Southeastern Michigan – Southwestern Ontario.

Elements of the strategy, presented as advice to the Partnership governments, include major infrastructure projects to address border crossing deficiencies. Other recommendations include: improvements to border processing, optimizing the use of the existing network, travel demand measures and encouraging the use of other modes. Click here to read more about the P/NF Study.

On the basis of the findings of the P/NF Study, the Partnership is proceeding with formal environmental studies on both sides of the border. A key objective of the Partnership is to develop an integrated environmental study process, which complies with the requirements of the governments of Canada and the U.S.

In Canada, the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, on behalf of the Partnership has moved to the next step with the development of a Terms of Reference (TOR) for the preparation of the individual environmental assessment. Click here to read more about the OEA TOR.

Comments on the draft TOR will be sought from ministries, agencies, municipalities, stakeholders and the general public in March 2004. As part of the on-going consultation program for this project, meetings, presentations and open houses are being scheduled to discuss the draft TOR. Click here for a listing of these events. Comments will then be incorporated into a final TOR, to be submitted to the Ontario Minister of the Environment for approval. Once approved, the project will proceed with the environmental studies to develop and select transportation alternative(s).

In the U.S., the Partnership has developed a Draft Purpose and Need Statement. The Draft Purpose and Need Statement is based upon the Planning Need and Feasibility Study and will help support future environmental clearance activities in the U.S. Click here to read more about the NEPA P&N.


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