Study Objectives

The objectives of the Canada-US-Ontario-Michigan Border Transportation Planning / Needs and Feasibility Study are the following:

(a) Identify existing and future transportation problems and opportunities with respect to capacity of border crossings, and the linkage to, and capacity of, existing and planned future national, provincial and municipal transportation systems.

(b) Identify a focused analysis area within which transportation alternatives will be studied.

(c) Analyze land-based surface transportation alternatives (highway, road, rail) that are practical and feasible from a transportation, environmental, border processing and financial perspective.

(d) Recommend feasible international crossing alternatives that address the identified transportation problems and opportunities

(e) For the recommended international crossing alternatives, determine user and economic benefits, and the potential to generate revenue to fund implementation.

(f) Develop an overall 30-year transportation strategy, which includes implementation strategies for any international crossing alternatives.

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