In the U.S., MDOT and FHWA are developing a Draft Purpose and Need Statement. A Purpose and Need Statement is a requirement under NEPA. The statement describes why the project is needed and what problem(s) the project is intended to address.

The Purpose and Need Statement is circulated to U.S. federal government agencies with
responsibility for approvals and permits related to the project. The agencies are requested to indicate any concerns regarding the purpose of the project or the process to be followed in completing the EIS. FHWA considers these concerns in finalizing the Purpose and Need
Statement. Once the Purpose and Need Statement is finalized, scoping of the project can begin.

Development of a Purpose and Need Statement provides a basis for future
environmental study activities in the U.S. Click here to view an
illustration of the FHWA/NEPA Planning and Approval process used on MDOT
projects. Click here to view the latest draft of the Purpose and Need


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