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September 16, 2002


WINDSOR - The Canada-U.S.-Ontario-Michigan Border Transportation Partnership today announced the launch of its project Web site at

The Partnership is conducting a Planning/Need and Feasibility Study to assess the existing transportation network, including border crossings in the region of southeast Michigan and southwest Ontario. The study will identify medium and long-term solutions, alternatives and potential new crossings to improve traffic flow at the southeast Michigan-southwest Ontario border.

The Web site will encourage public and stakeholder participation in the decision-making process and provide up-to-date information on the study. The Web site includes:

  • Frequently-asked questions and facts about the study;
  • Updates on the study's activities;
  • Feedback form to provide input to the project team;
  • Information on public information meetings; and,
  • Interim study reports ready for download.

The comprehensive Planning/Need and Feasibility Study is scheduled for completion by the end of 2003. The Partnership is considering ways to accelerate this process. The results will be used in an environmental assessment to examine whether possible alternatives could even be constructed and, if so, what the impacts might be.

The Partnership is a working group that includes representatives from the U.S. Federal Highway Administration, Transport Canada, Michigan Department of Transportation and Ontario Ministry of Transportation.

The Bi-National Partnership demonstrates the commitment of these four governments to work together to improve transportation in Michigan and Ontario.



Brian McGregor
Transport Canada
(613) 993-0055

Ari Adler
Michigan Department of Transportation
(517) 335-3084

Bob Nichols
Ministry of Transportation
(416) 327-1158

Jim Steele
U.S. Federal Highway Administration
(517) 377-1844

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